2008 Madison Scouts January Camp Report

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The January camp was riddled with distractions, but none could affect the exceptional progress of the corps. By now, the Madison Scouts have grown quite accustomed to adverse winter weather conditions, so aside from some last-second changes of planes to buses and a handful of late arrivals, everything was par for the course.

The new occurrence however, was when the heating pipes froze from the extreme cold. At first this only meant a few of the classrooms were a bit chilly…then they burst! Hundreds of gallons of water began pouring through the ceiling tiles on all three levels of the school. For about two hours on Saturday night, volunteers, members and staff worked together to minimize the potential water damage. On Sunday afternoon, we faced quite a challenge to leave the school cleaner than we had found it. Still, members did everything they could to help out the professional cleaning crew charged with readying the school for classes on Tuesday.

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