Lezcano Returns As Velvet Knights DM In 2008

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The Velvet Knights Drum & Bugle Corps would like to officially announce the return of Blair Lezcano as Drum Major of the 2008 Velvet Knights.

Blair became drum major of the Velvet Knights last season. Blair is a senior at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills. His interests include trumpet, piano, composition, and conducting, as well as advanced electronics (including inventing a way of powering the VK doctor beat via solar power.) Blair quickly acclimated himself to his role, winning the respect and appreciation of the staff, members and fans, including being named "Knight of the Year" for the 2007 season. Read what he has to say……..

Hi. My name is Blair Lezcano. This will be my second season as the Drum Major for the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps. I am 17 years old and Drum Corps is my life. On the side, I invent/mess with electronics, tinker with cars, and fix PC’s and Apple computers, but right now Drum Corps is my major connection to music, and boy, would life be dull without it.

I first became interested in marching Corps as many of us do; some of my friends, who were already involved, started speaking more and more of good times on tour. I sat there and listened in awe. "Wow." I was almost jealous at how close knit this ‘family’ sounded. I knew from what I had heard that I was missing out, and that I couldn’t stand to for much longer. So one thing led to the next and soon enough, I found myself in another state on the podium in front of my newfound family.

The reason I chose VK over the other corps in the area is, for one, because it was a ‘new’ corps and an easy in to the Drum Corps world for a rookie. Aside from that, I knew from watching videos on YouTube, what the old VK had to offer. I figured that if the new VK had any influence at all from the old, that it would be worth a chance. Little did I know that they had an awesome staff and excellent food. From the first camp, I was hooked. Needless to say, I’ve returned for another season of awesomeness. You may have seen us last year, but "You ain’t seen nothing’ yet."

"Beep beep beep boop.. Transform."

Blair will lead the 2008 Velvet Knights as they rescue people from the underworld in their 2008 production, "The Inferno".

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