Minnesota Brass, Inc. Announces 2008 Program

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Founded in 1946, Minnesota Brass, Inc., an all age drum and bugle corps, continues it’s heritage of showcasing some of the finest talent in the upper Midwest. The corps is proud to serve as an outlet for the membership’s musical and creative drive, while maintaining a balance between work, school, family, and drum corps.

In 2008, Minnesota Brass is proud to present our program entitled Obsessions.

Obsessions are the forces that drive our lives. Obsessions shape our thoughts, dreams, and desires. They may be positive or negative, helpful or destructive, but they are always powerful. In our 62nd year we will explore four common obsessions that many share:

Work, Love, Control and Fun.

Work: The obsession of work will be represented by Horace Silver’s "Nutville." Made popular by Buddy Rich, this drum corps classic has a frenetic, hard driving pace that will give a true impression of a busy workplace.

Love: Love is perhaps the most powerful obsession of all. The music of Astor Piazolla will be the backdrop for our representation of love. The passionate tango "Oblivion" will show the power that love can have.

Control: Whether it is at work or at home, Control is an obsession that many pursue. We have chosen to represent that control through the use of ropes that can bind our lives. MBI continues our tradition of bringing new music to the drum corps audience with our use of the Police’s haunting ballad, "Wrapped Around Your Finger."

Fun: Everyone likes to have fun, but for some it becomes an obsession. It becomes the most important thing to them. Nothing says fun like the infectious grooves of Latin music. And no one says Latin music in drum corps better than Chick Corea. His classic, "Night Streets" will serve as the energetic, fun- loving end to our exploration of Obsessions.

The corps is under the leadership of Ann Jones.

The design team is:

Joel Matuzak, Program Coordinator
Andy Classen, Drill Design
Matt Kettelhut and Andy Classen, Horn Arrangements
Joel Matuzak and Matt Ferry, Percussion Arrangements
Michael Oldemeyer, Visual Coordination
Emily Merriman, Color Guard Design

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