New Seeding System For DCE Prelims

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2008 will see a significant increase in the number of national organisations running DCE Certified shows. With DCN and DCUK now on board as Certified Partners, it means that all of their shows, including their national finals, will be Certified. Other national organisations are also considering making some or all of their shows DCE Certified.

With this major step forward in uniformity it will become possible for the first time to seed this years DCE prelims placings on the basis of the scores corps have achieved at Certified shows throughout the season (including national Finals events). The highest score achieved during the season will be used to determine the order play in the mornings Open Class event. This also applies to A-Class scores, and any A-Class corps will be scheduled to appear at the Prelims before the Open Class corps. New corps without a certified score will perform first.

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