Skyliners Appoint Director Of Support Services

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As “The Awakening” of the New York Skyliners is already underway, the Skyliners have created a new position to assist in their ongoing organizational development and growth – the position of Director of Support Services. The Director of Support Services will work closely with the Skyliners management to recruit, schedule, and manage support staff. The Director of Support Services’ goal will be to provide the level of support that the New York Skyliners field corps organization requires to achieve its mission statement and short- and long-term goals.

The New York Skyliners proudly welcome Ron Lawrence as their new – and first – Director of Support Services. Ron marched in the field corps for five years on soprano and baritone, plays mellophone with the New York Skyliners Alumni drum corps, and played baritone with the 2007 New York Skyliners Mini-Corps in Rochester over DCA weekend. Ron worked with Raritan HS Marching Band for six years as Assistant Marching Band Director and drill instructor.

During his time with the Skyliners, Ron has always shown a penchant for working tirelessly behind the scenes, getting things that needed to be done, done. With his well known culinary talents and creativity, he and his fiancé at the time (now his wife), Lisa Venezia, organized and ran the first annual 2007 New York Skyliners’ Season Kickoff Dance. Ron has worked as a radiology practice administrative manager for 9 years.

Today an active and organized support staff is vital to the success of any non-profit organization, especially a drum corps. This group of volunteers – whether Alumni, parents, family, friends or fans – will undertake tasks such as cooking, sewing, equipment movement, fundraising, and any other project the Director of Support Services determines will assist with the smooth and successful running of the New York Skyliners.

The New York Skyliners appreciate and whole heartedly thank those who have been part of their loyal and hard working support staff over the years, and invite you to sign on with Ron Lawrence at ronlfrmnj [at] aol [dot] com to be a part of the New York Skyliners’ 2008 “Awakening.”

We wish Ron Lawrence success in his new position with the New York Skyliners.

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