Bugler’s Hall of Fame I&E Results

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The Bugler’s Hall of Fame 2008 North American Regional I&E Competition was held on February 23, 2008 at the Benda-Roehrich VFW Post in Garfield, NJ. Sponsored by the Skyliner Alumni organization, as well as Dynasty and Kanstul Musical Instruments, the competition featured a variety of performers from several organizations.

The "North American Championship Show" will be held on March 29, 2008 at the Germania Schwaben Club, 416 Horace Street, Bridgeport, CT.

Results and scores from the recent show are:

Category / Name Affiliation Entry Score
Jack Murray Sky Alumni Snare Individual 96
Joe Fontana Sky Alumni Snare Individual 90
Frank Zeigler Reilley Raiders Snare Individual 86
Fred Wasserman Sky Alumini Snare Individual 79
John Neurohr Sky Alumni Snare Individual 78
Jonathan Bailey Selden Drum Set 94
Jack McGuiness Sky Alumni Keyboard Individual 86
J Fontana J Murray Sky Alumni Percussion Duet 94
J McGuiness / Ed Byrnes Sky Alumni Keyborad / Tymp 87
J. Urspruch / J McGuiness Sky / Sky Mixed Duet 86
Dave Sokol Capital Brass Contra Individual 87
Paul Macdonald Capital Brass Mid Range 85
Meiko Hedling Sun Mid Range 78
Anthony Famelio Music Express Mid Range 76
Ruben Ariola St Rita’s / Sky Baritone Individual 93
Brian Law Bush & Bridgemen Baritone Individual 91
Russell O’Mara Brooklyn United Baritone Individual 85
Frank McKeon Brooklyn United Baritone Individual 83
Mickey McKeon Brooklyn United Baritone Individual 80
Capital Brass Blue Capital Brass Brass Ensemble 94
Capital Brass Red Capital Brass Brass Ensemble 91
Rich Wardlow Brooklyn United Soprano Individual 83
Anthony Speedy West St Rita’s / Sky Soprano Individual 82
Glen Kubacki Freelancers Soprano Individual 77
Anthony Convertito Hurricanes Soprano Individual 75

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