Buglers’ Hall Of Fame North American Championship

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The show on February 23 at the Benda Roehrich in Garfield, NJ was a Great Success to performer and audience alike.

Next show, “The North American Championship for Individual and Ensemble Brass, Percussion, Mixed Ensembles and Mini-Corps”.

March 29, 2008 – Start time for the Championship Show at the Germania Schwaben Hall located at 416 Horace Street, Bridgeport, Ct will commence at 12 noon. Last minute applications will be available the day of the show from 11 am to noon.

Please use Map Quest for directions.

This show will be featuring Buglers Hall of Famers John (Screech) Arietano, Ruben Ariola, Kenton Clarke, Jimmy D’Amico, Frank Dorritie, Bobby Gaff, Eddie Haywood, Art Hlywa, Jimmy Maldonado, Tommy Martin, David Negri, Ken (Ace) Petersen, Ritchee Price, John (Grass) Urspruch.

Percussion sign ups include, Jack Murray, Joe Fontana, John Neurohr, Jack McGuiness along with several percussion and Keyboard duets and Mixed Ensemble.

Approximately 30 plus Brass players will be competing in the Soprano/Trumpet, Baritone, Mid Range and Contra catagories along with 6-10 Brass Ensembles.

Don’t miss the performance of The Romeo’s (Retired Old Men Eating Out), who received a standing ovation at the Garfield show.

The Mini Corps portion is a real show stopper, including Amoskeag Sound, Capital Brass, Mass Brass, Ct Alumni, Selden Cadets, and St. Rita’s Brassmen.

If you have not signed up, we encourage you to do so now. Ensure yourself a position in shows that will be rewarding to the performer and spectator alike. This is a great opportunity to hear some of the best players in the country and renew old friendships.

Applications are available by e-mailing a request to bhof2 [at] optonline [dot] net.

A cash bar and hot food will be available all day.

The Buglers Hall of Fame is proud to announce that due to the success of the Individual show plans are underway for shows in Albany, NY in late September 2008, along with the Regional show Co-Sponsored by the Skyliners in Garfield and the North American Championship in Bridgeport in 2009. The long term goal is to provide I & E shows from September through April in various areas as Mass, Pa, NY, NJ and Florida.



The Buglers Hall of Fame.

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