BYBA To Host A DCE Certified Show In 2008

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The DCE Championships for 2008 are operating under a seeding mechanism that utilizes scores achieved at any DCE Certified Show for the running order of the Preliminary Competition. This means that any Unit that has participated in a DCE Certified Show will have chalked up a score that will in effect enhance their chances of a favorable position in this seeding pool. Any Units that have not gained a Certification Score throughout the season will go on first.

As a Strategic Partner, BYBA have been working on ways that it could in effect level the playing field for its members, some of whom would have faced the very real possibility of not being able to generate a score that would assist them in their endeavours.

For a DCE Certified Show, the full DCE Manual and Judging processes will apply.

The main difference currently between the new European Marching Band Judging System and the DCE Manual, lies in the fact that the Colour Guard Score becomes an integral part of the overall totals in the DCE Manual, where as it is not included, although scored if a Unit has one, in the EMB Judging System.

Becoming a full DCE Certified Partner would mean that BYBA would have to run all of it’s contests using the DCE Manual and Judging Processes. This, of course, is not possible given the very different and extremely diverse mix of Marching Units that the Association caters for. For this reason, BYBA are unable to become a fully Certified Partner.

DCE Certified Shows typically run the whole day under DCE Rules, however, for the BYBA DCE Certified Show, only the Division I and Associate Class will run as such, which means that we are able to provide a level playing field for all current Member Units that enjoy the DCE Experience, and to provide them with the opportunity to generate a valid score that will aid the seeding process for them in readiness for the DCE Championships for 2008.

After much consultation, we are delighted to announce that the Ouse Valley Show, in Bedfordshire, UK, will be the very first BYBA approved DCE Certified Show, and that the Division I and Associates Class on the 14th September will run as such. All other Classes for that day will run as normal and using the new EMB Judging System. For purposes of League Scores, these will be calculated based on the same method as used for the EMB Judging System, where the Colour Guard Score is removed, and the hash totals generated in the same way.

Tony Patrick, BYBA Chairman comments “I think that this agreement provides our member Units with a level playing field in their run up to the DCE Championships, and I am extremely pleased with the way the debate on the matter has yielded such a positive result. I would also like to thank Warren Storey and the team that run Ouse Valley for the way they have involved themselves into the debate and agreed to host this change at their competition on the 14th September. I am sure that with everyone’s support, the day will be a memorable one, and I would like to wish all competing Units the very best of luck”.

Commenting on behalf of DCE, Chairman Marcel Matthijsse adds “This is an excellent step that we are extremely pleased to endorse. The willingness to engage by BYBA has always been seen as a strength by all of Europe, and to provide an opportunity for it’s Members in this way demonstrates the measure of the Strategic Partnership that we have with them. DCE looks forward to Ouse Valley on the 14th September very much and would like to wish every competing Unit the very best of luck for the day”.

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