CGN Hosts Free Indoor Percussion Introductions

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During the contests in Goes (March 1) and Drachten (March 15) Color Guard Nederland (the Indoor Percussion & Winter Guard circuit for the European Mainland) offers percussion ensembles the opportunity to get to know their Indoor Percussion Circuit. The esmebles can watch the contest and after that get into a discussion with jurors and members of participating ensembles. Although the circuit is growing year after year, CGN hopes that more ensembles get enthusiastic and decide to join in.

"We are convinced that the Indoor Percussion Circuit (IPC) can be a very interesting competition for many percussion ensembles," says Niels Merkx, CGN’s Project Manager Percussion. "But many groups are unfamiliar with the circuit and maybe don’t join because of that.

During the introduction the competing ensembles explain themselves why they compete in the IPC. And why they gladly welcome more competitors. "In the recently founded IPC Advisory Team, we very soon came to the conclusion that we had to actively search for more ensembles," Niels continues. "Not for CGN, because they will facilitate what we need. No, we want more ensembles, because it means more competition. The more competitors, the more stimulation you get to perform your best."

Last week a mail was sent out to a large number of percussion ensembles in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. If you did not receive this mail, you can ask for it at CGN (info [at] colorguard [dot] org).

Registration for the introductions is still open. Just send an e-mail to Niels (n [dot] merkx [at] indoorpercussion [dot] org). Tell him the name of your ensemble, if you want to come March 1 or 15 and how many people will come. Per ensemble, two persons get free admission for the contest, but of course you’re allowed to come with more than two.

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