European Indoor Arts Alliance Formed

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The European Indoor Arts Alliance (EIAA) was officially formed in the fall of 2007 by Winter Guard United Kingdom, Drum Corps Germany, Unik Star (France), Xpression (France), Blue Lions (France) and Color Guard Nederland. The new organization will be a joint venture between the organizations to promote Indoor Percussion and Color Guard in Europe and to facilitate contests in these countries. In 2009 the first EIAA events will be held.

All together EIAA will host 16 contests, although most will be under the WGUK and CGN name. The new organization has an objective to host one Color Guard Regional in Germany and an Indoor Percussion and Color Guard Regional in France in 2009. Although all organizations involved will remain autonomous, there will be much more cooperation then ever before in Europe.

The new organization will not only host shows and facilitate those, many joint educational programs will be started. The organization will work towards unification of the rules & regulations and recognition of eachothers contest results. After the Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion season, more details and a website will be released. CGN, WGUK, DCG and the French groups are very proud of their new accomplishment. The new name was officially announced at the WGI European Regional, held yesterday in Drachten, The Netherlands.

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