New Drum Corps Circuit Forming

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A new drum corps circuit is forming in the Midwest, but you won’t be seeing them on the football field.

Chris Ferrera is the founder and president of the Small Drum Corps Association (SDCA).  The SDCA’s mission statement is "to provide a venue for small drum corps, to promote membership and to encourage new drum corps by performing an entertaining music and marching program while educating the music student as well as the public in drum corps style and history". In order to achieve this goal, the SDCA will hold exhibitions during the months of January through April. All drum corps, whether they are junior or all-age, new or old, large or small, are welcome and encouraged to join.  Performances will occur on basketball courts.

Why has Ferrera decided to start this new circuit? According to Chris, "As a performer myself, I recognize that, for many, it is becoming increasingly difficult for drum corps to find a gratifying venue to perform. DCM is now a thing of the past, DCA is an All-Age, Senior, Alumni division with a heavy base in the eastern states and, although DCI provides some occasion to perform, it does not answer enough of an opportunity for a fulfilling season, and in some cases no opportunity is provided at all."

Ferrera continues by explaining, "In SDCA, we realize that we need to be flexible in that we are willing to bend in any direction in order for a drum corps, including Junior, Senior, All-Age and Alumni corps, to participate. The smaller corps in the Midwest need the SDCA in order to grow in membership numbers as well as to encourage the organization of new drum corps or to give reason for the reorganization of corps that have been lost."

Initial response from various drum corps throughout the Midwest has been very positive. Ferrera has talked with many drum corps people in the early stages of SDCA, including Cavaliers founder Don Warren, who gave his personal endorsement and wants his Green Thunder percussion line to participate. Roman Blenski from Pioneer has added his assistance to the organizational plan. Recently, the organization received an email from the Madison Scouts wanting to be a part of this venue. Currently, the SDCA has twenty corps which have expressed an interest and the numbers keep growing.

For more information on SDCA, check out their website at You can also contact SDCA President Chris Ferrera at cdraferrara [at] hughes [dot] net or SDCA Counselor & Show Coordinator Jeff Williams at jwwilliams1 [at] mac [dot] com.

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