2008 Blue Stars March Camp Report

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Mother Nature has had a fun winter. Just the weekend before it was in the mid 60s, motorcycles were on the roads and people were outside in short sleeves. Well, it didn’t last for long!

This was going to be the first camp to get outside and start to learn the first 30 pages of "Le Tour" but as the temperatures dropped, the clouds came in on Friday morning, and we were at just the start of a heavy snow system moving in, this time from the south. Though the Indianapolis area saw very little snow during the day, Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and Tennessee were just a few of the states south of us that got record snow fall. Some members drove from North Carolina and when they came within 70 miles of Indianapolis, they had to seek shelter in a local motel. A few others did the same and some could not even make it out of their driveways.

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