2008 Rochester Crusaders April Camp Report

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The Rochester Crusaders, in true Crusader style, have pushed all obstacles out of their way and moved forward this past weekend.

Brass arranger Jim Prime, Jr. and show coordinator Gene O’Brien spent the entire weekend with the Corps. On Saturday, the hornline, drumline, and front ensemble rehearsed music while the colorguard learned drill. The Corps broke for a brief lunch then ensembled in the gymnasium. Corps director Mike Linton and visual caption head Brian Wilt swiftly staged the Corps as needed for the evening performance. The Corps rehearsed several solid runs of the music together and then headed to Greece Apollo Middle School for their performance at St. Joe’s Alumni Corps, “Classic.”

As one walks through the staging area of the Crusaders, they would experience the intensity of the focused membership dawned in their impressive white, red, and green colors circled around staff for their pre-show warm up.

The Crusaders filled the stage and orchestra area of the packed auditorium. They started their performance with the 2008 field show and end with a powerful rendition of, “Battle Hymn” – A drum corps favorite. The powerful sound stemming from the horns and percussion was extraordinarily stunning. This earned the Corps their first standing ovation for 2008.

The Corps is then dismissed for the evening and reports to rehearsal in Spencerport on Sunday morning, 9am. This is a drill day .There they are taught a majority of the opener. There is no time wasted between sets. You can now feel that summer and the competitive season is around the corner. The Corps breaks for lunch (one of the best drum corps meals I have tasted) and then is back into sections for a brief warm up. Minutes later, the enormously audible voice of percussion staff member Orion Wilkerson starts his motivational countdown to get the members focused, “ 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – set!”. The Corps is now on “page one” of their drill. The Corps, under their capable drum major, Carol O’Brien take their first ensemble step of the 2008 competitive season. As they reset and rerun Wroblewski’s stylish drill while playing, the opening statement of the 2008 show comes together solidly. After their final run through, the Corps is dismissed for the weekend and is given details on where they will meet the following weekend, etc. The instruments are loaded on the equipment trailer, which was vandalized last week and the members depart and head home., some traveling from as far as North Carolina.

An update on the vandalism – A full inventory has now been taken and the Corps management is now aware of exactly what was damaged or missing. They will be meeting with an insurance adjuster later this week. We hope to have new instruments ordered shortly thereafter.

The Rochester area community has been very supportive throughout this ordeal. The Corps anticipates that there may be a deductible that will have to be paid. Many people have offered donations and organizations have offered their overwhelming support to the Rochester Crusaders and we would like to thank them:

Syracuse Brigadiers Drum & Bugle Corps, Dansville White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps, Empire Statesmen Drum & Bugle Corps, Geneva Appleknockers Alumni Assoc., Purple Lancers Alumni Assoc., University at Buffalo, and many others. Again, the members of the Rochester Crusaders send their very sincere thanks to all.

The Rochester Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps look forward to many more years of commitment to drum corps and the community. Look for our latest community outreach to be announced later this week.

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