Bugler’s Hall of Fame Results

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The Bugler’s Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the final scores from its North American Championships, held Saturday, March 29 in Bridgeport, CT.

Category / Name Affiliation Entry Score
Jack McGuiness Sky Alumni Keyboard Individual 84
Jonathan Bailey Selden Drum Set 85
Mark Carman Snare Individual 94
Midrange Individuals
Paul Mac Donald Capital Brass Mellophone Individual 82
Meiko Hedling Sunrisers Mellophone 72
Baritone Individuals
Vidal Orduz Hurricanes Baritone Individual 92
Brian Law Bush & B’men Baritone Individual 81
Contra Bass Individuals
Carl Ferrigno Park City Pride Contra Individual 57
Soprano / Tenor / Trumpet Individuals
Nelsen Lesmerises Amoskeag Sound Soprano Individual 74
Glen Kubacki Freelancers Soprano Individual 72
Anthony Convertito Park City / Hurricanes Trumpet Individual 70
Joe Brancati Amboy Dukes Soprano Individual 68
Anthony West St Rita’s & Sky Soprano Individual 67
Carl Ferrigno Park City Pride Soprano Individual 66
F. Dorritie & J. Mitchell Brass Duet 89
F. Dorritie & J. McGuiness Sun & Sky Mixed Duet 87.5
R. Ariola & J. Maldonado St Rita’s & Sky Brass Duet 87
Brass Ensembles
Capital Brass Brass Ensemble 90
Romeo’s Brass Ensemble 83
Touch of Brass Park City Pride 68
Mini Corps
Capital Brass 87
Selden Cadets 79.5
St. Rita’s Brassmen 76.5
Amoskeag Sound 76.5

For more information, visit the Bugler’s Hall of Fame on the web.

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