Bushwackers Equipment Truck Stolen

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Drum corps would not be drum corps without adversity. If drum corps was easy, it wouldn’t be such a meaningful experience, and the bonds we form would not be as strong and as permanent as they are.

And, those stories that drum corps people tend to tell: we tend to become storytellers because there are so many amazing and inspirational stories to tell.

This is one of those stories.

As many of you know, The Bush equipment trailer was stolen last week. Almost everything has to be replaced: battery, pit, horns, guard equipment, tools, a generator, and many other things. Thankfully, our unique uniforms were NOT in the trailer.

After contacting the police and our insurance company, we contacted our friends. Our insurance company has already agreed to quickly compensate us for our loss, but it is the kindness of friends that has truly warmed our hearts and has let us know that we will be ok.

Jersey Surf’s Bob Jacobs was one of the first to offer help. Surf members will be performing with new horns this season, and Mr. Jacobs has offered us an entire set of Bb Dynasty horns (72 instruments). Other friends have offered help with percussion instruments and guard equipment as well as brass instruments. The Bushwackers are truly grateful to have such wonderful friends.

Thanks to some awesome people, the April 26 and 27 camp will take place as scheduled, and our plans for "Gypsodic!" have not changed.

We’re gonna be just fine.

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