Mini Corps Champion To Perform At DCA Finals

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At the April 26th DCA Spring meeting, President Gil Silva announced that the winning Mini Corps from Friday night’s DCA Mini Corps Competition will be invited to perform at the DCA Finals Competition on Sunday night of Championship Weekend, August 29, 30 and 31. While time is precious during the long evening, President Silva welcomed the opportunity to honor the Mini Corps – one of the fastest growing activities under the “Drum Corps umbrella”. The corps will perform during the coveted time slot between the final DCA competitor and the retreat/awards ceremony. This will give them a golden opportunity to show the huge final’s crowd at Paetec Park in Rochester just what the Mini Corps are all about and prove that while limited in numbers they are mighty in quality entertainment.

With groups like defending champion Star United of Bloomington, Indiana, Mass Brass, Ghost Riders, Erie Thunderbirds, West Sayville’s Golden Eagles, San Francisco’s Renegades and a multitude of others all competing Friday August 29th for the coveted DCA Mini Corps Championship, we are assured of a great performance on Sunday night at finals. If for travel reasons, the 2008 winning Mini Corps champion is unable to perform on Sunday, they will be allowed to pass on this great opportunity to showcase the Mini Corps to the next highest finishing corps.

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