Beatrix To Travel With Own Trucks In 2008

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After having toured through the US five times with borrowed and rented trucks, a dream has finally come true! In 2004 Jeff Fiedler, former director of The Cavaliers, asked us “Did you bring your own truck??” Unfortunately we had to admit that the white monster had been rented, and completely decorated in Beatrix’ style.

If, however, the same question is posed again this summer, we will proudly be able to say that we have our own trucks! We have a 9.5 meter trailer that will be outfitted as our very own cook truck, or as we like to call it, an enlarged version of our Dutch “snack car”. As if this isn’t enough, we will also have a 14.5 meter long equipment trailer, which will receive a permanent Beatrix’ style makeover.

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Posted by on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008. Filed under Drum Corps Netherlands.