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Gotcha! No doubt some of you think they’re ALL jokers, but this one’s for real. Longtime marching music performer and adjudicator, Thomas Brown, has embarked on a new career, stand-up comic. This Reading, PA native and Buccaneer Hall of Famer now living in Phoenix , Arizona made his stage debut recently at The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale.

“Looking at it from a golf perspective, I believe I shot an even round. When you’re out there on that stage, it’s you all by yourself, there’s no other team member to pick up the slack,” said Brown.

“That night, my jokes were working and I received laughs everywhere I expected to receive them.”

Thomas began his Reading Buccaneer career in 1970 as a member of the color guard. Later years found him as percussionist. He’s been a marching tech for numerous high school bands and drum corps, a visual judge for Cavalcade of Bands, National Judges Association, Mid–Atlantic Judges Association, USSBA, and most recently, Drum Corps Associates.

Thomas considers his role as Assistant Drum Major for the 1979 DCA Champion Reading Buccaneers to be a highlight of his marching arts career.

“Audiences at comedy clubs remind me of Philadelphia sports fans. If they don’t like you, you’ll know it! Thankfully, this gig went well.”

Brown, a tall man, maybe six-four, admits “ I’m glad I have a full-time job (technology) and can look at this comedy venture as something for fun, and to say I did it.” He added, “I have no plans to be a starving comic, yet right now, I’m having a ball with this.”

Brown remains active instructing and judging throughout the Southwest. He regrets his DCA opportunities are now limited by distance. “ I have a goal to come back to Reading and perform at the Comedy Outlet in Wyomissing. I truly believe I’m on the way to reaching that one for sure.”

Note to Bob Cardeneo and the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame cruise, DCI corporate sponsors, corps banquet committees, etc., catch this act on the way up. Contact Thomas Brown at tabvisual [at] cox [dot] net.

Unlike Rodney Dangerfield (Jacob Cohen) and Joan Rivers (Joan Molinsky), this is one aspiring entertainer whose given name should work just fine.

And, hey . . . he’s one of us, he’s drum corps!

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