Niels Merkx Added To CGN Board

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The taskforce (board) of Color Guard Nederland has added a new member. Niels Merkx has accepted the position as requested by the taskforce. Niels will be an ad-interim member. He was already associated to CGN last year as project manager Indoor Percussion.

For many in the Indoor Percussion world, Niels is well known. He was a member of several drumbands before he joined Percussion Unlimited, Hollands first independent Indoor Percussion line. Ofcourse Niels will not only work for the Indoor Percussion side of CGN, he will also control many organizational items. By adding someone still actively associated with a unit, CGN also wants to bridge the possible gap between organization and units.

The CGN board is very happy with the addition, especially as Niels lives in Eindhoven, what eases the organization of the annual Championships there. Niels will first have to be elected by the congress and then appointed by the board of the KNFM.

Posted by on Saturday, May 31st, 2008. Filed under Color Guard Nederland.