WGUK Judging – The Way Forward

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WGUK are pleased to announce a number of new initiatives that will ensure its membership receives the highest level of adjudication in 2009 and beyond. These projects include the formation of the Winterguard Judges Advisory Group (WGJAG), the appointment of William Chumley as Director of Education, the allocation of budget towards ongoing education and a far reaching recruitment campaign.

Following an open meeting with all WGUK membership and judges in mid April, a number of significant initiatives were agreed. Much lively discussion took place around the standard and consistency of judging required for an activity that is growing in numbers and standard year on year, and WGUK made the commitment to match this growth with similar growth in the area of judging. admin [at] wguk [dot] org [dot] uk" />

Whilst there was acknowledgment of the commitment the current small but motivated judging community has, there was agreement from all that a ‘culture change’ needed to take place so that guards and judges could work more closely together with respect and trust.

The WGJAG has been assigned with driving the education, recruitment and ongoing training to produce the highest quality of judges possible. The group, headed up by Dave Parris also includes Rob Da Costa, Martin Ibbs, Jason Wallace, Lisa Darton, Gavin Woodhead, Trevor Tomalin and Jason Oates, and will report to the WGUK Board. As well as supporting William Chumley in setting up the education and accreditation process, the short term focus will be on recruitment. Look out for more information in this area in the next few weeks.

Mark Gutteridge WGUK Chairman, commented on the initiatives: ”The standard across all classes is improving year upon year and we owe it to our members to invest in the same level of growth in the judges.” He continued, “These measures will put WGUK at the forefront of judging in the winterguard arena, and help us forge even closer relationships with both CGN and WGI”. He concluded, “I am delighted William Chumley has accepted the role of Director of Education. He was our first choice and we are very excited by the level of knowledge and enthusiasm he brings to the role and our activity.”

The role of Director of Education will encompass a wide breadth of responsibilities including training and accreditation, judge mentoring and evaluation, and co-ordination between WGI and WGUK. A number of training dates both pre and during the season are now in discussion as well as a banded accreditation programme.

William Chumley commented on the appointment: “I am delighted and excited to take on this role. Having lived and judged in the UK, as well as worked with UK guards and CGN, I am well placed to understand your challenges and needs. I plan to work with the WGJAG to implement a number of short, medium and long term initiatives that will deliver some immediate results as well as set up a structure for long term success.”

Anyone wishing to join the education programme for WGUK judges (regardless of whether you plan to judge or not) should contact judges [at] wguk [dot] org [dot] uk. For more information the WGJAG, please contact admin [at] wguk [dot] org [dot] uk

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