DCUK, DCN, DCE Introduce New Advice System

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Drum Corps Europe (DCE) will introduce a new advice system that allows corps to make suggestions for changes in the DCE Competition Manual. Following the pilot that took place at beginning of 2008, DCE have now held a meeting with their Certified Partners (Drum Corps Netherlands [DCN] & Drum Corps United Kingdom [DCUK]) to decide how best to deal with any future changes and enhancements to their Rules & Regulations and procedures.

In the pilot earlier this year, only one third of the corps responded direct to DCE and so it was felt that perhaps this was not the most effective way of gaining responses. It was agreed that any formal changes will be discussed between DCE and the Certified Partners (currently DCN & DCUK), and as of now the three organisations will make joint statements regarding any formal changes in the Rules & Regulations and other competition related issues.

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