Newly Formed All-Age Corps In Upstate New York

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Greetings. I am currently in the planning stages of launching a drum and bugle corps in the Binghamton area of upstate New York. As with any new organization, it is essential that a sound and organized staff is assembled to oversee operations, set goals and establish plans to achieve those goals. Following is a list of positions that I am currently looking to fill:

Assistant Director
Responsibilities include
-assisting in day to day operation of the corps
-attending board meetings
-filling in whenever the corps director is unable to attend any function.

Business Manager
Responsibilities include:
-attending board meetings
-booking events such as parades and other community functions to raise money or otherwise
-working with director and treasurer to ensure proper use of corps funds as related to equipment and other expenses
-working with director and public relations director to plan and implement paid and free advertising opportunities and to ensure that paid advertising stays on track
-collecting dues and communicating with director and treasurer on dues information

Responsibilities include:
-attending board meetings
-assisting in initial preparation of 501(c)(3) documents and preparing books for state and local audits as required
-keeping books and checks in order and presenting reports to board of directors at meetings
-working and communicating with director and business manager on any corps profits or expenses

Responsibilities include:
-attending board meetings
-keeping a record of meeting minutes of all board meetings and communicating them with board members
-creating and maintaining corps membership rosters and emergency forms
-keeping all member emergency information and making sure it is available if needed
-managing and producing all corps communication (letters, emails, newsletters, etc., regarding rehearsals, schedules, etc.)
-supporting corps director for all secretarial duties, such as writing and sending letters and other correspondence
-assisting recruitment director with any projects that require secretarial support

Public Relations Director
Responsibilities include:
-attending board meetings
-creating press releases for corps website and public news to be approved by director
-releasing news to public
-assisting recruitment director with any projects that require media attention
-assisting in maintaining the corps website
-building relationships with local schools and community businesses for recruitment or sponsorship

Director of Recruitment
Responsibilities include:
-attending board meetings
-establishing contacts within local schools to obtain membership
-working with director, secretary, business manager and Public Relations Director as needed to create and implement recruitment campaigns
-following up on leads such as internet interest forms or recruitment booths

Responsibilities include:
-attending board meetings
-maintaining and recording inventory of all corps equipment and uniforms
-communicating with director and business manager if any equipment needs repair or replacement
-establishing a staff of volunteers to assist with any uniform tailoring and fitting
-keeping records of all past sheet music and drill charts for archive purposes

Director of Support Services
Responsibilities include:
-attending board meetings
-creating and overseeing fundraising campaigns
-communicating with director and business manager on all funds received from fundraising
-assembling a staff of volunteers to assist in any campaign and to assist corps in various day to day activity

All of these positions include a seat on the board of directors and are strictly voluntary, non-paid positions, as required by IRS code 501(c)(3) for purposes of a non-profit corporation. If you are interested in any of the above positions please feel free to contact me at conquistadorsdbc [at] gmail [dot] com or fill out an interest form on our website,, and I will contact you.

This is a huge opportunity to bring competitive drum and bugle corps back to the southern tier region of New York. It will be a lot of work but the payoff is well worth it. If interested, please contact me.


Harry Eldridge, Jr.
Roselle Park Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps

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