2008 Kilties July 4th Weekend Report

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Four parades, a field show, a concert, and two rehearsals. WHEW! That’s one busy weekend! The Kilties helped local Wisconsinites celebrate the anniversary or our great nation’s independence and we were rewarded with wonderful appreciative ovations wherever we appeared.

Our busy 4th of July weekend began at 7AM Friday the 4th at the Wal-Mart parking lot where we loaded our equipment into the luggage bays of 2 chartered coaches (and a third “contra only” custom school bus) and headed off to our first parade in Union Grove, WI. We were on a tight schedule, since the Union Grove parade and the Racine parade both start at 9AM. Since we were the first marching unit in Union Grove and unit 138 (out of 140) in Racine we were able to pull off the improbable appearance in two simultaneously scheduled parades. The Union Grove appearance was not exactly the highlight of the weekend, but it was a great warm-up for the big Racine parade which was a highlight for sure!

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