Mean To Clean The Red And Green

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Uniform maintenance at Vanguard is a daily event in the summer. Our Stanbury uniforms are tremendous and easy to maintain, but they take a beating each night with the physical nature of the show Vanguard performs each year. There’s always a short list every morning of an ornamental button to replace, a feather to change, an Aussie-strap to repair, a flag to sew or even a small blood spatter to address.

"There are mornings we open the equipment truck – following an evening performance – and you would think the corps had performed in a flood! We wash their uniforms usually every six performances, but sometimes you have to make the call earlier, especially if there was mud or dust on a performance field. A quick run to a local Laundromat with 42 guard uniforms or 10 red tops always raises an eye. We get many interesting questions," said Marie Bienkowski, the volunteer in charge of making the corps’ uniforms look great each season.

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