2008 Music Under The Bridge Stage Show

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Each year corps from all over the D&B scene head towards BKLYN’S Kingsborough Community College to donate their time for the Music Under The Bridge stage show hosted by Brooklyn United.

We’re now into our third year at this beautiful campus. This years show takes place Saturday October 18th @ 3pm.

The first year (2006) we had show stoppers like Blessed Sac & the Skyliners Alumni. The second year (2007) brought the Melrose BlackHawks NJ, Archer Epler from PA & Park City Pride from Conn. This year we have Saint Kevins from Boston MA coming to close the show. Many of the corps have been coming every year.

They Include:
Emerald Grenadears, Lambertville Volunteers, Selden Cadets, Romeo Cadets, Wynn Center Toppers, Golden Eagles & Brassmen Alumni.

This year we have added Weschester Brass, Saint Lucys, Latin Express & Saint Kevins.

We also feature special Guests: Al Chez, Hip Pickles & Johnny Grass.

We’re trying to revive the GREAT Brooklyn Drum & Bugle Corps scene. Many corps travel a great distance to attend & donate their time to this show. We’d love to sell it out and give all a packed house to perform for. It’s a Great Day of D&B Corps for only $10.

If you have a youth group & would like to be considered for some comp tickets please contact me @ BrooklynUnited [at] nyc [dot] rr [dot] com. If your group purchases 25 tickets we’ll give you 5 comp tickets while they last. Mail orders to:

Brooklyn United D&B Corps
7401 4th Ave 3C
Brooklyn, NY 11209-2542

payable Brooklyn United D&B Corps Inc.

We’re seeking corps for the 09 show. Send me an email if your interested. Slots fill fast.

Thanks for listening.

Tom Breen
Brooklyn United Director

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