CGN Starts Junior Class

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Color Guard Nederland (CGN) will start a new class in the 2009 season. The ‘Junior Class’ gives the younger Color Guard participants a chance to compete with groups of their own age on a higher level. All participants in this class must be 16 years or younger on April 1 of the competitionseason.

At the same time, some changes have been made to the Cadet Class. CGN will raise the maximum age from 14 to 16. CGN hopes to accomodate many band- & corpsrelated organizations. Many of those have 16 as their maximum age.

The changes in the Cadet Class and addition of the Junior Class will also mean an active promotion policy that is also active in other classes. All groups will benefit from this, as the participating units will compete in the right class at all times.
Last year CGN split the A-Class in two groups (AA-Class and A-Class) succesfully. This change is a result of the success of this split.
Below you will find the promotion and degrading system that will work from now on. The orange lines are the promotions initiated by the chiefjudge only.

Just to be clear; from the Junior and Cadet Class there’s no promotion to the Prep, AA-, A-Class and beyond. This because of the differences in timerules. The Cadet Class timerules will not change and the same rules will be used for Junior Class.

In 2001 the CGN Cadet Class only consisted of 3 participating units, in 2008 this number had gone up to 15. The expected growth makes sure that every group can compete on it’s own level. The changes in the class structure has been discussed extensively after the 2008 season by units, judges and instructors with one common goal, a great end result.

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