YEA! Extreme Trailer Makeover

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After a successful summer season on the road, the YEA!/Cadets Merchandise Trailer made it’s way home to Allentown, PA after a long Summer Drum Corps Tour. Once it arrived and the doors were opened staff members were disappointed to see a little more than the average wear and tear that usually follows the summer tour. Shelving units and retaining walls had come apart inside. This created a little more damage than what was normally expected to the inside of the trailer and now with the Cadets Fall Recruitment and Marching Band season approaching, the organization is looking for a few “handy” volunteers to help with the “Extreme Trailer Makeover”. As we recruit into the fall, we really would like the trailer to be of “Cadet Quality” as thousands of potential members will see this vehicle during the fall Marching Band season.

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