2008 DCUK Leicester Report

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Whilst traveling towards Leicester, on what looked to be a day that was going to be wet, windy and cold (in keeping with the rest of the great British Summer!!!) I was starting to wonder whether or not the show could possibly still go on considering the conditions and driving rain that I was traveling through. Thankfully as I drew nearer to Leicester the rain stopped and the sun made a few brief appearances from behind the clouds.

Deciding to arrive early in order to hopefully catch a few Corps rehearsing I was pleased to see a number of Corps already set up and practicing in time honoured fashion on the park in Saffron Lane. Although not as many as in years gone by, when corps had to arrive at the crack of dawn to ensure a place to rehearse on the park, there was still a buzz around with the sound of horns and drums from the Corps all mixing together in the air to produce a special sound and feeling.

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