2009 WGI Percussion Regional In The Netherlands

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The WGI European Percussion Regiona 2009 will be held in The Netherlands, namely in Goes. The last conversations between Winter Guard International and Color Guard Nederland (CGN) are ongoing. The Regional will be held February 28 in Goes in the Sportpunt Zeeland.

"WGI was really impressed by the CGN organization in 2008, when the first non-American WGI Percussion Regional was held in Drachten", says Peter Jan de Werk, spokesman of CGN. "These contacts have insured that CGN can again host the event as requested by WGI." The Color Guard contest will also be held in Goes and will be woven into the program.

That the Regional would be in The Netherlands, was known for several weeks already. About the how and what, CGN consulted their groups at the recently held CGN Congress. "Ït’s better to make units part of your organization, then putting them for a given fact", De Werk adds. "The discussion pointed to Goes really soon as the date and location matched the wishes of our competitors."

Winter Guard International will first have to officially approve CGN’s proposal. CGN expects to have the answer real soon. CGN wanted to let the participating units know as soon as possible, so they could prepare. Time schedules will be worked out in the next few weeks and the number of competition spaces (number of competitors) will be larger than before. This will give all European and non-European units wishing to compete a chance to do so. The whole organization will take place in close communication with WGUK and the European Indoor Arts Alliance (EIAA).

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