Fusion Core Announes 2009 Program

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After coming off a very successful season and in keeping with the "Momentum" and progression established by the Core it seems appropriate to continue to build on the foundation by reflecting our musical inspiration, movement and style towards the future utilizing Disney’s Illuminations: Reflections of Earth as our soundtrack.

The Core will explore “Progress” in three parts; Chaos….. Order….. and Meaning.

In the words of Don Dorsey, "Time is constant, but progress is exponential. From the beginning of what we know as time, up to the present, significant events come slowly at first then progress faster and faster."

Part I; Chaos takes us through the hectic beginnings.

Part II; Order then sets forth as the dust settles and clarity forms out of chaos.

Part III; Meaning or the reality of what’s in front of us emerges, knowing now that the future is in our hands and there is a world of possibilities out there.

Izzy Delgado, Program Coordinator said, "After our first two successful seasons, "Progress" is the perfect expressive vehicle to describe the next chapter of our story. The Core will showcase who and what we represent; sophistication, entertainment, accepting of all challenges, and offering a different brand of drum corps."

We welcome you to the next chapter….. Enjoy the show!

Fusion is dedicated to providing the best drum corps experience to all members while providing world-class instruction and programming. If you are interested in becoming a member of the 2009 Fusion Drum and Bugle "Core", please visit our website and fill out the form at http://fusioncorenj.homestead.com/membership.html

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