Mapex Releases New Quantum Models

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Mapex has released new models and accessories to complement its Quantum marching series. A tenor case and practice covers highlight the accessories options, with the Agility snare and a new 32” bass drum expanding the drum offering.

The new Quantum drum covers and cases are thoughtfully consistent at addressing small details that players notice. Wheels on the tenor case make transportation easier. The neutral grey color of the drum covers help to reflect heat. Covers feature smartly positioned D rings on each side to hold stick bags and easy to reach pockets are big enough to hold a dot book. Constructed in the USA, the covers also fit very well, eliminating the sagging often seen with other covers

A fine example of a lighter and shallower drum, the Agility is brighter and more articulate than the Quantum XT.

Winter Guard International groups Constitution and Jenison Winter Drumline (MI) tested prototypes of the Agility snare last season. Under the direction of Will Gordillo, Jension used the Agility prototype in their performance at the WGI finals.

“The Mapex Quantum snare drums have a crisp attack that doesn’t require extreme tuning. The snare response is excellent,” noted Gordillo. “I was able to get a perfect snare sound for the ’08 Jenison indoor line without any muffling or modification.”

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