New ‘Force’ On The Horizon

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The FORCE Drum & Bugle Corps is in development stages in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX. A Web presence has been created ( ) and staff applications are now being accepted.

Why a drum corps in North Texas?

  • The Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) reported 5.7 residents in the U.S. Census 2005 American Community Survey, making it the metropolitan area in Texas, the fourth largest metro in the country and larger U.S. states. (U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Census Bureau: American Community Survey)

  • Frontier and Gulf Coast Sound have successfully brought competitive All-Age corps to Texas… Now with the addition of Austin Stars, and other corps coming to TX to compete, the level of competition is rising insanely fast
  • Dallas-Fort Worth has long been a recruiting hub for some of the major powerhouses in DCI, yet many students in the area aren’t able to tour all summer due to finances, school commitments, or time.
  • All-Age corps is advancing the community-based drum corps idea rapidly all over the country, and we believe the DFW area CAN support a 2nd DCA based corps

Why join ‘The Force’

  • We rehearse on Thursday nights, so like a community band, we can enjoy the cooler temperature at night and not sweat it out in the TX heat unless absolutely necessary. Once the corps moves to the field, we will still keep a limited weekend schedule to maximize our member’s time with their families and weekend responsibilities.
  • We believe Drum Corps is a hobby, and one that should not feel like a second job, but rather fulfilling the dream of performing in a highly competitive drum & bugle corps.
  • We provide a superior educational program, that provides additional experience to youth wanting to participate in a full-touring DCI corps.
  • We are talking to some of the best band directors and instructors in the area about instructing and designing for the corps
  • We are taking a ‘build it’ approach, meaning that initially the corps will rehearse as a Brass ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Colorguard Ensemble on Thursday nights. Once all sections of the corps are ready for competition, we will take it to the field for DCI-All-Age and DCA competitions. The first season, we will perform in exhibition as the group and venues allow. We WILL have a presence at DCA Championships, most likely in the I&E category
  • We are working with major drum corps sponsors and underwriters to ensure we have the best equipment, uniforms, and concepts to ensure the FORCE will be a competitive powerhouse in the years to come
  • We are working with ISDs in the area to align our educational goals with theirs and to share resources
  • We understand the talent and drive of North Texas, and want to provide an organization that will fill that desire for success, and ensure the behind the scenes foundation provides for that success
  • We are working to get our 501c3 status, so we can take advantage of the corporate sponsors and grant programs already being offered to us

Why be on the staff of ‘The Force’

  • We pay our staff from day 1. You will not be asked to sacrifice your time without compensation.
  • We offer Referral and Retention Fees for bringing your students, band staffs, band parents, alumni, and friends to be a member of the force (see webpage for details)
  • We are 100% Texas based instructional and design staff
  • We are set up that you can fulfill your role on DCI and WGI staffs across the country, while still providing assistance to developing a corps in your town.
  • You do not have to be a full-time staff member to earn the Referral and Retention Fees

How do I get involved NOW?

  • We are looking for Staff, Administration, and Membership, simply click ‘JOIN NOW’ on (You can also join our Newsletter group to be kept in the loop of what’s going on in the development of the corps.
  • Spread the word that a new corps is developing in the DFW area
  • Start Practicing!
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