Stafford Lancers Announce 2009 Program

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Stafford Lancers are pleased to announce the title of the 2009 show:

‘Outside the Box’

Stafford Lancers will for the first time in the Corps history be bringing a show full of upbeat Jazz, Swing and Blues to the arena for 2009!

The Corps new musical direction derives from a desire of wanting to try something new and exciting for both members and supporters.

Musical Director Jay Howard said “People always expect Lancers to come out with a big musical or production, and that’s exactly what we didn’t want to do. We wanted to try something as a creative team we would have never have even contemplated doing in the past. Outside the box will bring a new energy to the Corps as well as a different challenge to both the staff team and the members!”

The show is full of old Jazz ‘Big Band’ charts, some patriotic memories and some of the Creative Teams favourite pieces, mixed in with some Drum Corps Legends all seasoned off with an old slow Jazz classic!

Lancers are pleased to announce their intention to compete in the BYBA Division 2 class for 2009. This is to ensure the corps continues to develop and move forward!

Look out for further information on the 2009 season show as well as some exciting announcements in the forthcoming weeks and months and keep checking the Lancers website for updates via

Corps Director Dave Milton said “After a couple of years rebuilding and consolidation we are exciting about putting in place what will be a full and exciting programme for our members for 2009. This show also gives us realms of possibilities to explore visually”.


Every once in a while your favourite things get a little hazy. Your favourite drink doesn’t have that same taste, the movie you watch over and over just doesn’t excite you the same as it used to, your favourite meal becomes bland, your all time best song just doesn’t get your heart beating as fast anymore.

Every once in a while your thoughts and subsequently, your choices become ‘the Norm’. You reach the same conclusions about decisions you have to make, you think along the same route to get to the same destination, you stay in your comfort zone to stay safe and warm.

Every once in a while you have to break your norms and you have to step out of your comfort zone to bring a little excitement back!

Normal is boring…. It’s time to think a different way, to think outside your ‘norm zone’ and get a different perspective… ‘Outside the Box’

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