Bridgemen Announce 2009 Staff

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The Bridgemen are pleased to announce their staff for the 2009 season. This year, the corps has 3 new staff members, 2 of which are former instructor’s who were with the corps during it’s Junior’s days. They are Brass instructor Ray Fallon, who instructed the corps back in the day from 1977-1979 & 84, and Mike Merchandante (Visual Consultant) who was with the corps from 1977-1981. “We are very excited to be able to have Ray & Merch come back and be part of the Bridgemen family again. They played a Big part in the corps success back in the day and to have them come back and be part of this again is GREAT”, stated Bridgemen Director George Lavelle.

Also new to the staff this year is Dan Bonham (Percussion Tech), who has been a highly respected and successfully Instructor/Arranger for numerous marching bands in the Central New Jersey area for many years. “Dan is a GREAT addition to our staff. We are excited to be able to add him to our staff and we look forward to his contributions to the line this year”, stated director Lavelle.

The corps is very excited about this coming year, which is it’s 5th year since the rebirth and happy to have this talented staff to help make this one the best one yet.

The corps is open to anyone regardless if Alumni or not. For information please visit the corps web-site
Look forward for the 2009 show announcements in the next couple of days!


Show Coordinator

  • Dennis DeLucia


  • Larry Kerchner – (Brass Arranger)
  • Gabe Guilino – (Brass Caption Head)
  • Matt Krempasky (Brass Tech)
  • Ray Fallon (Brass Tech)
  • George Lea (brass Tech)


  • Dennis Delucia – (Percussion Arranger/Percussion Caption Head)
  • Bob Dubinski – (Percussion Tech)
  • Dan Bonham – (Percussion Tech)
  • Ron Dolce – (Percussion Tech)
  • John Yurkin – (Percussion Tech)

Color Guard

  • Scott Brogan – (Color Guard Caption Head/Designer)
  • Claire Kronenfeld – (Color Guard Tech)
  • Nancy DuCharme – (Color Guard Tech)


  • George Lavelle – (Co-Drill Designer/Visual Caption Head)
  • Bob Haley – (Co-Drill Designer/Visual Tech)
  • George Ruse – (Visual Tech)
  • Donna Guilino – (Visual Tech)
  • Mike Merchandante (Visual Tech)
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