Colts Announce 2009 Caption Heads

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The 2009 Colts staff will include familiar and experienced people. Most are returning members of last year’s team along with two additions in the percussion staff.

Chad Huel and Sarah Whitlock will head the brass program. James G. Hudson will return to the Colts team as well, serving as music and full-ensemble consultant.

Max Mullinix, who is returning for his second year at the helm, will head percussion. Mike Thomas will serve as assistant percussion caption head.
Mark Hunter and Tom Tucker will consult on the percussion program.

Carla Burgess-Tomsa returns as color guard caption head for her seventh year.

Bob Smith will take on the role of visual caption head, bringing with him tremendous experience and success in his long career. He will be bringing to his visual program experienced and successful visual teachers, including both returning members of the staff, and adding a few new faces as well.

The full roster of the Colts instructional team will be announced in the next week.

The first rehearsal and audition for the 2009 Colts is December 19-21, in Dubuque.

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