Mandarins Announce 2009 Design Team

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The Sacramento Mandarins are pleased to announce their 2009 design team:

* Dan Fong – Brass Arranger
* Scott Johnson – Percussion Arranger
* Vince Oliver – Front Ensemble Arranger
* Brian Mar – Drill Designer
* George Armenta, Edmer Lazaro, Suko Quan – Color Guard Designer/Choreographer.

In addition to the design team, the following consultants will help the Mandarins shape, review, and implement the musical and visual program:

* Wayne Downey – Music Consultant
* John Bradford – Visual/Movement Consultant

Recently appointed Program Coordinator Gregory Mar stated: "We feel fortunate to have secured the services of a top notch design team. The design staff includes a blend of designers who have been successful with us in the past, and are steeped in the Mandarins traditions, as well as several new additions who will help take us to the next level in the design process."

You see photos and read bios of the entire design team on our Corps Info & History Page here.

Look for more Mandarins staff announcements and program information over the coming weeks.

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