Memphis Sound Announces 2009 Program

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The 2009 edition of Memphis Sound is proud to bring you their production “Celebrations…rebirth of a Planet.”

As we continue to struggle in our day to day lives, we find that in each new day, we have things to celebrate with the human nature of making life more successful each day. As we continue to research new forms of energy, new medical breakthroughs, how to feed the hungry, how to recycle, how to replant and reenergize the planet, we celebrate a planet that begins to find a new life in itself and its inhabitants.

Memphis Sound researched music that would help celebrate the positive things that are occurring on planet earth each day. The opening fanfare of the show will be Theme from Earth Day by Patrick Williams. Displaying the great mass of the earth through the depth of the chords…it sets the stage for a celebration fit for the earth. Moving from there, we present Appalachian Morning by Paul Halley. This piece displays the happiness and joy we feel and share through our use of “going green.” We then move back into Theme for Earth Day where we find a moving ballad that features how the individual efforts of one can create a change in a mass of people. Transitioning out of the ballad, Palladio by Karl Jenkins provides us our tool to celebrate the natural resources the earth offers us to make each of our days on this earth a little bit easier and happier. We finish with Overture to a New Age by Jan De Haan. This piece offers us the vehicle to show us the power of success through the unified efforts of many towards a common goal.

Join Memphis Sound in their efforts this year to celebrate the earth and everything that we as inhabitants do too not only make our lives better, but to celebrate the joy of making a difference in other people’s lives and the world upon which we live.

Memphis Sound is under Executive Director Pam Opie. The Corps Director is Chris Green with Assistant Corps Director Dr. Gary Westbrook. The Program Coordinator is James Thomas with the brass section be lead by Andrew Snead, the percussion section being led by Ryan Pride, the color guard being lead by Bethany Longcrier and the visual department being headed up by Kenneth Thompson.

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