SCV Community Programs Prepare Drum Corps Members

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Community programs sponsored by the Santa Clara Vanguard provide a place for local children to learn dance and for artists of all ages to teach, learn, and exhibit art as performance. Ashley Carter started with the Children’s Adventure in Movement program at SCV when she was 7 years old. Ashley’s parents, Roger and Kelly, brought her to CAM because they knew about drum corps (having marched with the Wausau Story ‘back in the day’) and they wanted her exposure to start early. In CAM, Ashley learned dance movements as well as basic flag handling (from Diane Corbett), and got to see members of the winter and color guards rehearse. Her experience with guard instructors like Alexis Velez and Carol Abohatab motivated her to pursue any and all winter and color guard opportunities with the Vanguard. While still in middle school, she auditioned for the Vanguard Cadets and, in the summer of 2008, she marched with them in her best season ever.

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