2009 City Sound December Audition Camp Report

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This past Sunday, December 14, City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps held an audition/clinic in the Los Angeles area. City Sound would like to first thank its staff for a job well done. With more than 30 new possible members auditioning things moved quicker than we anticipated. The turnout in the Brass section was better than expected. Having been made aware of several local parades and other high school events this weekend the turnout was expected to be low. We still managed to get more than 15 new prospective members to come to the Brass audition and do an outstanding job. All were invited back to the January 16th camp. With the addition of these 15 people, City Sound is 2/3 on its way to achieve its member goal in the brass line.

The Percussion section was even larger and stronger this weekend with more than 20 new prospective members auditioning. (Again, a lot of prospective member who were at the first audition did not attend because of school events, all plan on attending our January camp.) With the number of people that attended the audition, we were able to fill 75% of the pit and make some solid choices in the bass, snare and tenor sections. Additionally, we were able to recruit a top-notch cymbal instructor this past weekend, so our hope of have a cymbal line had been answered. We will immediately begin to recruit 4-5 cymbal players to fill the section. (Interested individuals need to apply ASAP.) The Color Guard was consistent, and gained a few more members. They have begun working on basics. The Color Guard is the section that we will build our show on. Therefore, their fundamentals will have to be solid. More members are still needed. It was great to have a large support staff come and help.

City Sound would like to give a very special thank you to our two special guest Brass advisors who attended the audition. Their comments and direction inspired the prospective members to play at a level that they did not know they could attain.

***City Sound will gather for their first camp January 16th -19th at Washington High School in Los Angeles, CA, and will continue the audition process for all three sections. Interested individual need to apply ASAP. Guard members are welcome to audition via video submission through the winter and spring. City Sound will also be holding Drum Major auditions at the January and February camp. Interested individuals need to contact the Corps. Questions about rehearsals and auditions should be directed to Nathaniel Lewis at nlewis [at] city-sound [dot] org, by telephone at (323) 228-7231, or by visiting us on the web at www.city-sound.org or http://www.myspace.com/citysoundcorp.

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