A Loss In The Family – Janet Edwards

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It is with deep sadness that we announce Janet Edwards left us unexpectedly this past December 10th at the age of 49. Janet was a member of the Vanguard color guard in the mid-70’s, and the 1997 Alumni Corps. She had dedicated her life to public service and spent 12 years in the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department as a Deputy followed by 13 more years as an investigator for the District Attorney.

The early years of the Vanguard found many members of the same family involved either as members of the A-Corps, B-Corps or Booster Club. There were the Modesitt, Leeson, Wall, Alvarado, Moxley, Menkie, Bonte, Romo, Edwards, Seibert, Vannatta, Andrews, Munoz and several other families that would have either two or more members of the family in the corps and one or both parents working in the Booster Club. The Vanguard was definitely a family affair.

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