Boston Crusaders 2009 Outlook

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As the Boston Crusaders approach the conclusion of the second round of brass and percussion auditions, the outlook for 2009 is strong. With veteran retention up 200% over last year, a talented group of returning members from previous years establishes a firm base to build on for the coming season. Discussing audition turnout and talent level, Percussion Caption Head Omar Carmenates states, "we are very pleased with the candidates we’ve seen at our first round auditions. We’ve invited over 70 percussion musicians alone back to round 2, and narrowing them down further will be very challenging. It’s a good position to be in!" Crusaders Executive Director Tom Spataro continues, "It seems like every year, there’s pressure on all of the corps to announce we have more kids, better kids, etc. What’s important is that every year we move forward–I’m extremely happy with our audition turnout, and we have certainly taken steps forward this year. It’s another testament to the hard work our staff and administration put in in 2008 that we’re in such a positive place for 2009."

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