The Deal Of All Last Minute DCI DVD Deals Arrives

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Crack open the history books and get ready for rewrites, because Drum Corps International is launching its most colossal DVD offer EVER! The "deal of all deals" on the "bundle of all DVD bundles" is here to claim its rightful spot as the newly appointed eighth wonder of the world… the entire DCI World Championship DVD library offered for a VERY limited time as one complete set.

Spanning all available years from 1974 through the most recent 2008 DCI World Championships, this DVD collection will instantly place you among the most exalted fans in the history of Drum Corps International with more than 400 of the greatest performances of all time giving you more than 70 hours of entertainment at the push of a button on your DVD remote control.

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Posted by on Saturday, December 20th, 2008. Filed under DCI World.