Minne-Brass 2009 Promises To Amaze

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Minne-Brass promises to amaze drum corps and mini-corps fans in 2009 with “Animated Adventures in Brass,” a musical insight into animated and comic book heroes. But be warned – this is not a performance for the faint of heart!

The show opens amidst the primitive jungles and relentless rhythms of the 1960s Saturday morning adventure hit, Jonny Quest. Next, a cluster of foreboding chords create a world where good and evil intimately intertwine as Batman battles twisted criminals in Gotham City’s darkest corners. Eventually, the hero emerges victorious, but definitely disturbed. From there, the ensemble dives headlong into a stunning version of music from The Incredibles, full of excitement and humor.

Minne-Brass directors, arrangers, and trumpet-heads are Roger Grupp and Todd Tanji. Regular guest artists include Andy Classen (Drake University Trumpet and Jazz Professor), and Ray Vasquez (Trumpet and Jazz instructor from Auburn University). Rounding out the trumpet section are Pat Ahern, Tina Cavitt, John Ebert, Nate Mitchell, and Curt Zoerhof. Mellophones are Jackie Bechtold, Tom Holman, John Horst, and Beckie Warren. The Minne-Brass baritones are Pat Byrne, Cindy Tischhauser, Larry Wasz, and Dave Whitaker. Tubas are Jerry Sherohman and Dennis Tishhauser, and the percussionist is Lee Portz. Brent Turner is the group’s musical conductor.

Minne-Brass is the 20-member mini-corps of world championship second-place finalist Minnesota Brass. The group is proud of its competitive history, having taken championship honors in 1999 and 2005. The group competes in arena corps events, and performs fundraisers and promotional events for Minnesota Brass throughout the year.

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