Saint Kevin Emerald Knights Announce 2009 Staff

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After closing out the year 2008 in dramatic fashion, the team of instructors has not wasted any time moving forward to the year 2009. They are busy laying out plans and programs that will surely turn a lot of heads in the coming year.

Frank (Buzzy) Bergdoll, will be continuing in place as the “Music Director”. Buzzy definitely left his mark last year with the addition of a new SKEK sound and discipline that blended perfectly with the great repertoire of music from years ago. Buzzy is a product of the junior SKEK drum corps having been a player during the 50’s & 60’s. During that time he captured many “National” titles with his unsurpassed ability to perform on the “French” horn bugle. Since that time , Buzzy, has maintained his prowess as a player and has added the ability to write charts that are new, exciting, and fresh,

Michael (Mike) Tobin, is the newest member of the SKEK staff having come on board to handle the “Percussion” section of the Corps. Mike, not only has a wealth of experience in drumming ala drum corps, he has his own talent as a “jazz” drummer. Mike has performed with the Holy Trinity Senior Corps, St Kevin’s Senior Corps, St. Kevin’s Mini Corps, and his latest gig has been with the “Mass Brass.”
Mike is an innovative thinker and we are all looking forward to Mike’s touch on the drummers going forward.

Sheila Flaherty will once again be working with the SKEK Colorguard. Sheila has been working with the guard since the Corp’s beginnings in the millennium year 2000. The advances these ladies have made under Sheila’s instruction are hard to believe. This is not a surprise since Sheila was the colorguard instructor for the original SKEK junior corps in the 60’s. In years to follow, many of the guard performances on the drum corps vista were fashioned after programs developed and introduced by the SKEK Colorguard.
Sheila is a product of the original SKEK junior corps having performed in many “National” competitions with the Corps in the 50’ & 60”s

Lee Anne Hustins is the youngest member of the team but no less a talent. Lee Anne, began assisting Sheila, last year and her touches are readily obvious when you look at what she has meant to the colorguard. Lee Anne, is an accomplished horn player but decided she would rather “play a flag” and march with the guard. Having been a part of the famed Norwood High School band during the 80’s is where she learned most of her skills. She is no stranger to drum corps either, having been a member of the “Norwood Debonnettes and Debonnaires’ in the 70’s and 80’s and then joining the SKEK senior corps.

With this team, “We were great in 2008 and we’ll be fine in 2009” as the Corps’ director likes to say.

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