Shenandoah Sound Announces 2009 Program

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The 2009 edition of Shenandoah Sound will take audiences on a journey that is truly out of this world. From the pen of American film composer Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum, Shadows of Roswell calls to light conspiracy theories that have puzzled the open-minded since the 1940’s.

Our story begins in the deserts of Nevada; where every year, dozens of stargazers camp out on the remote dirt roads near Groom Lake to watch the skies for strange lights at night. Very few ever see anything at all. But what if you accidentally wandered a little too close? What if you accidentally saw something you were never meant to see?

From the minute the corps takes the field, the chase is on and time is running out! Can our hero evade her would-be captors long enough to make sense of the events unfolding before her and unravel the conspiracy that seeks to silence her?

Without a doubt, this program is unlike anything previously performed on a marching field and will make you wonder if the truth really is out there. Come with us this summer as we take audiences on a thrilling ride full of action, suspense, conspiracy theories and government cover-ups that perpetuate the unrelenting question when Shadows of unknown objects appear: Are We Alone?

About Shenandoah Sound
Shenandoah Sound is a non-profit 501[c]3 drum and bugle corps and affiliated Boy Scouts of America Venture Crew 1196 based in Manassas Park, Virginia and a member of Drum Corps Associates (DCA) South. Shenandoah Sound was founded to advance the art of music through education in the marching drum and bugle corps tradition.

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