Small Drum Corps Association On The Move

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The Small Drum Corps Association is continuing in its adaptation as an organization in an effort to fully achieve its potential. Late in 2008, for example, it was determined that the organization might better be described as “ Arena Drum Corps,” and, as a result, both designations have begun to be used, with the intention of eventually discontinuing the SDCA identification. A further addition to the Arena Drum Corps designation has been a “plus, ” with the intention of creating the opportunity to further evolve in virtually any direction.

Early in 2008, the process of contacting communities that had previously hosted drum corps shows was begun, and the response was overwhelmingly positive when the prospect of restoring a drum corps show to their annual festivals was suggested. In fact, it became necessary to be increasingly selective during the summer months in order to eliminate conflicting dates and locations when trying to schedule shows on weekends, while minimizing the need to travel long distances and maximizing performance opportunities. By contrast, scheduling shows during the fall, winter, and spring required the generation of the concept of an indoor community celebration. For instance, Chris Wellner from the Nothernaires approached the Menominee Chamber of Commerce to bring about the creation of a first annual spring festival that will include an arena drum corps show hosted by the Northernaires on March 21st 2009. While advancing the concept, it has been truly exciting to learn that both drum corps and communities have expressed enthusiastic interest.

Centered in the Midwest, Arena Drum Corps Plus has scheduled eleven shows for 2009 and invited twenty corps to participate. The future, however, as suggested by inquiries that have been received from throughout the United States and Canada, seems to be full of potential for expansion. All of us involved with SDCA/ADC+ are excited and optimistic.

We will keep you informed of our progress.

SDCA’s Arena Drum Corps staff – Plus

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