2009 Cavaliers January Camp Report

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Despite a nearly 11-inch snowfall in Rosemont, all callback candidates made it to camp safely, and the audition process is nearly complete. It was one of the best-attended January camps to date.

It was a very busy weekend with work on fundamentals in all areas. The staff and design team were very pleased with the talent level, and the corps is looking forward to releasing the 2009 program soon! The Medical Department began their physical screenings for the 2009 members, and shared physical and nutritional information with the corps. In addition, the Uniform Department began their busy task of measuring the corps for uniforms. They started with the Color Guard, as they will not be returning to camps until April. Measuring, assigning, and altering uniforms to specifically fit each member is a lengthy process. However, it is well worth the time and effort, as the corps always looks great when they take the field.

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