2009 Bluglers’ Hall Of Fame Garfield I&E Schedule

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Date: Saturday, February 28, 2008 Start Time: 1 PM
Location: Benda-Roehrick VFW Post
340 Outwater Lane
Garfield, NJ

Notice to Contestants:

1. All times are tentative. This schedule is subject to change. Please check your performance
time upon check-in.

2. Contestants should check in at the Registration table in the Lobby of the Student Center at
least 30 minutes prior to performance time. The earlier the better.
3. All performers must report to the Stage Manager 15 minutes before their performance
time. If you are late, you may not be allowed to perform.

1:00 PM – Opening Ceremony and National Anthem.

Time Contestant Name Affiliation Entry
1:10 Jim Cossetti Archie, Rielly, Sky Soprano Individual
1:15 Frank Ziegler Reilly Raiders Snare Individual
1:20 John Donovan Reading Snare Individual
1:25 Andrew Bisnett Capital Brass Soprano Individual
1:30 Al Bracero Brooklyn United Snare Individual
1:35 Paul MacDonald Capital Brass Mid Range Individual
1:40 John Donovan Reading Tenor Individual
1:45 S.J. Vagabonds S.J. Vagabonds Brass Ensemble
1:55 John Urspruch / J McGuiness Sky Alumni Mixed Duet
2:00 Adam Kaplan Drum Set
2:05 John Donovan Reading Cymbal Individual
2:10 Glen Kubacki Selden Soprano Individual
2:15 J Fontana / J Murray Sky Alumni Percussion Duet
2:33 Andrew Bisnett Capital Brass Mid Range Indivudual
2:40 John Donovan Reading Bass Drum Individual
2:45 Aaron Kaufman Capital Brass Soprano Individual
2:50 Anthony Convertito Hurricanes Soprano Individual
2:55 Mike Wargo Brooklyn United Baritone Individual 
3:00 Jonathan Bailey Selden Drum Set individual
3:05 Rich Wardlow Brooklyn United Soprano Individual
3:10 Jack McGuiness Sky Alumni Keyboard Individual
3:15 John Donovan Reading Drum Set Individual
3:20 Selden Cadets Mini Corps Mini Corps
3:35 John Donovan Reading  Multi Percussion
3:40 Paul MacDonald Capital Brass Soprano Individual
3:45 McGuiness, Murray, Wagner Sky Alumni Percussion Ensemble
4:15 Capital Brass Capital Brass Brass Ensemble
4:25 Kenton Clarke Sky Soprano Individual
4:30 Romeo’s Romeo’s Brass Ensemble
4:35 John (Grass) Urspurch Sky Soprano Individual
4:40 Dave Negri Marksmen Soprano Individual
5:00 Brooklyn United Exhibition
5:15 St Rita’s Brassmen Mini Corps
5:30 Capital Brass Mini Corps
5:45 Holy Name (Garfield) Cadets Alumni Exhibition
6:00 Closing Ceremony
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