Millenium Announces 2009 Program

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Lux is essentially about "Light".
Millennium’s concept takes light from the primitive to futuristic.

Mvt. 1 – Sun, Fire, and Lightning are all forms of light that primitive man experienced. The music is very tribal and ritualistic and should reflect primitive man’s early experiences with light including using fire to create light.

Mvt. 2 – Aurora Borealis takes one to a more mystical and bewildering place. The source of the mysterious Northern Lights has perplexed man for years.

Mvt. 3 – Incandescence suggests man’s harnessing of might from a single white flame to a body glowing due to its high temperature. Millennium’s interpretation of incandescence suggests the flickering and quietness of that single flame.

Mvt. 4 – Solar Power and Future Energy brings the audience into both the present and the future. Man harnesses the energy of light through collection by the use of solar panels. The sky is the limit in terms of what the future holds in terms of creating light and using light to benefit man.

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