Yamato Announces Its Summer Programs For 2009

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Yamato Youth Performing Arts Organization will take a huge step toward innovation and program development this summer. Instead of offering the traditional drum corps opportunity of the past, Yamato has decided to spend this year exploring an exciting new concept: Brass Theater 10 and a highly intensive Percussion Master Class. “Our decision to pursue and develop new cost effective programs goes back to the fundamentals of serving the community that supports you,” said Director and CEO, Edward B. Martin. “We believe the path we’re taking will allow us to build a better drum and bugle corps if and when we decide to take the field again. In the meantime, we will continue to be innovative in our approach to serving our mission statement."

What is Brass Theater 101?
Simply put, Brass Theater 101 is a marching arts ensemble that performs in an area about the same as an indoor drumline or winterguard, in a gym or other large indoor space. In a Brass Theater 101 show, performers present a thematic production combining music, movement (structured as well as choreographed) and theatrical elements (acting, staging, etc), that brings the emotion and power of brass closer than ever to the audience.

Brass Theater 101 instrumentation consists of a brassline and a rhythm section. The brassline will be comprised of trumpets, mellophones, baritones, and tubas. The rhythm section drives the music with keyboards, electric guitars, drum set, and front ensemble instruments. This is not simply a front ensemble that fills in color in softer moments…it’s a driving force that propels the action in the show with energy and power.

This year the concept will be in its experimental/exploratory phase and be offered in a four week program that auditions and rehearses June 13th through July 3rd, and performs in many indoor and outdoor venues (including an exhibition at one of DCI’s California shows) July 4th through 12th.

In addition to the Brass Theater 101 program, Yamato Youth Performing Arts Organization will also be offering a Summer Percussion Workshop. Yamato’s Percussion Program Director, Fernando Miller, will head a team of Southern California instructors with years of performance and teaching experience at some of the top high school, college, drum corps and independent performance ensembles in the world. This program will offer a summer of INTENSE DRUMMING AND PLAYING!

For more information on Brass Theater 101 or the Summer Percussion Workshop, please visit Yamato’s website at: http://yamatodrumcorps.org

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